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Massage Therapist Continuing Education Workshops

  • Indian Head Massage (3 CE) March 26, 2017 2017 AMTA-IL Conference
  • Centered Awareness for Bodyworkers: Skills from Qigong and Taiji for Body Mechanics and Self Care (3 CE) March 26, 2017 2017 AMTA-IL Conference
  • Panoramic Deep Tissue (8 CE) - $160 - April 25, 2015, Champaign IL : Info Sheet
  • Introduction to Chinese Moving Cups (3 CE) November 2014 (AMTA sponsored), April 2014
  • Massage Tools to Save Hands (3 CE) November 2014 (AMTA sponsored)
  • Centered Awareness for Bodyworkers: Evidence Based Qigong[TM] and Applications to Massage (4 CE) : October 2014 Info Sheet
  • Indian Head Massage (4 CE) : October 2014 Info Sheet

Gen Con (Indianapolis IN, Gaming Convention)

Taught 2014, 2015, 2016

  • Beneficial Slack: DIY Pain Relief
    Shoulder pain from a heavy backpack? Footsore from traipsing around the convention center? Learn self massage and movement from a massage therapist.
  • Morning Wake Up Qigong Practice
    Start your morning right with some gentle movement to open up your day of Gen Con. Qigong is an energy nurturing art that is considered the mother of Tai Chi.

Mini Seasonal Workshops

Ayurvedic workshops by Jodi Adams taught in preceding hour
These workshops are open to those in the yoga and lay community who would like to be able to help their loved ones. Students experience giving and receiving various styles of massage-based nurturing wellness practices.

  • WINTER: Indian Head Massage and Hair Oiling - $30 - February 6, 2016 Champaign IL : Facebook Event
  • SPRING: Chinese Facial Massage for Sinus Support - $30 - April 2, 2016 Champaign IL : Facebook Event