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Availability and Frequency

Active Intensive Focus

I have made a specialty over the last several years in helping people cope with soft tissue pain problems. For those with more complex issues, a single massage session is rarely enough. Typically, a series of sessions with descending frequency is the best approach. (This means initially one week apart, then two weeks apart, and ultimately tapering off entirely as progress is made.)

Currently not accepting new clients. Contact my email address or message my FB business page to be added to a list to be contacted if openings should arise.

As Needed Single Appointment

For many people, the biggest barrier to receiving regular bodywork is lack of time. Many of the styles of bodywork I do are done seated, without oils, with the client fully clothed, so you can "get in and get out" with less fuss.

As David Palmer says about seated acupressure massage,

Seated massage has always been good at preventing little problems from becoming big problems. The reason someone wakes up with a crick in her neck is never because, as she might claim, she "slept wrong." Rather it is because of weeks or months of accumulated psychological or physical stress finally reaching a tipping point that resulted in a muscle spasm. Regular chair massage alleviates the results of these minor stresses and prevents muscles from reaching that involuntary contraction threshold.

chair massage in the upstairs massage room

As needed sessions can be a great solution for someone who is successfully maintaining their body through exercise and other nurturing practices, but just wants an occasional quick tune-up. Or for someone who already has a regular massage therapist, but wants to receive one of the specialist modalities that I do as an adjunct.

Standing Recurring Appointments

I have had a number of clients over the years who began seeing me for help with a soft-tissue issue, and wanted to continue receiving massage on a regular basis because they found massage beneficial outside of that initial issue. Maintenance massage is preventative rather than fixative. While many of the same manual techniques are used as in clinical or structural work, this massage is really intended to maintain pliability of soft tissue, balance tension generally through the myofasciae, and assist in maintaining smooth unrestricted movement of joints.

Sometimes clients who were assisted by clinical massage in getting through a soft-tissue problem would like assistance in keeping that area in good condition going forward. Maintenance massage gives the opportunity to monitor whether a chronic injury that is generally well controlled is accumulating tension. Maintenance massage occurs at regular intervals, typically every other week or monthly, as it is intended to serve as well for stress remediation.

Geriatric massage also tends to fall in this category.

I have a limited number of standing appointment slots for clients who book at least monthly and prepay for their appointment, and a good portion of my clientele has taken advantage of this, enjoying the convenience of having the same day and time each (or every other) week. These are priority bookings - they go into my calendar prior to opening it for the general public to book.

photo of Studio Helix private massage room

Unfortunately, at this time, all available standing appointment slots are full.


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